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Glendale Road to Recovery

What Can Be Open

  • Beaches and Piers

  • BMX Areas and Bike Parks

  • Campgrounds, RV Parks, and Outdoor Recreation (including equipment Rentals)

  • Community Gardens

  • Day Camps

  • Drive-in Movie Theaters

  • Music, film and television production

  • Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Certified Farmers' Markets, Farm and Produce Stands, Food Banks, Convenience Stores, Wholesale Clubs, and Pharmacies

  • Stores with a normally accessible public entrance on the exterior of an Indoor Mall or Shopping Center. The interior of the mall is closed to the public.

  • Golf Courses

  • Horse Riding/Equestrian

  • Hotels

  • Libraries (Glendale Central Library open for curbside pick-up)

  • Model Airplane Areas

  • Parks (not including picnic  amenities, playgrounds, and exercise equipment)

  • Pickleball and Tennis Courts

  • Childcare facilities

  • Hardware, Building, Home Appliance, and Pool Supply Stores

  • Pacific Pool

  • Pools in Multi-Unit Residential Housing (Apartments, Condominiums, and HOAs)

  • Trails

  • Shooting and archery ranges

  • Vehicle-based parades

  • Pet grooming

  • Clinics, hospitals, dental clinics, physical therapy and chiropractic offices, optometrists, mental or behavioral health providers, and other healthcare settings

  • Lower-Risk Retail Stores, such as Bookstores, Jewelry Stores, Furniture Stores, Toy Stores, and Clothing Stores

  • Breweries, Brewpubs, and Wineries- For Retail Sales Only. Onsite consumption and tastings are not allowed.

What Can Be Open for Outdoor Services Only

  • Gyms/Fitness Centers ( Multi-Unit Residential Housing)

  • Museums, Galleries, Zoos, and Aquariums - only outdoor portions and exhibits are open

  • Personal Care services - but only if the licensing and permitting agencies allow outdoor services.

  • Places of Worship, including Weddings/Funerals. Recorded and live-streaming of services without an audience are also allowed.


What Can Be Open for Delivery or Outdoor Pick-Up or Service Only

  • Restaurants and Cafes - For delivery, Drive Thru, Carry Out, and Outdoor Sit-down Meals only. No indoor dining is allowed.

  • Stores in Indoor Malls and Shopping Centers that you can only enter from the inside of the mall (i.e., located in the interior of the mall)


What's Closed For Now

  • Hot tubs, jacuzzis, and spa pools not on residential property

  • Arcades, Bowling Alleys, and Movie Theaters

  • Live Performance Theaters and Concert Venues

  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, except those located within a childcare center

  • Recreation and community centers

  • Basketball and volleyball courts

  • Baseball and soccer fields

  • Youth sports leagues

  • Wading pools

  • Festivals and Theme/Amusement Parks (including Water Parks and Splash Pads in these Parks)

  • Stadiums and Arenas (Closed to the Public)

  • Bars, breweries, tasting rooms, craft distilleries, and wineries that possess a valid low risk restaurant public health permit issued by the County of Los Angeles (Except for Retail Sales)

  • Cardrooms, satellite wagering facilities, and racetrack onsite wagering facilities.

  • All events and gatherings, unless specifically allowed by the LA County Health Officer Order

  • Indoor malls and shopping centers


All businesses, visitors, and those participating in activities must adhere to distancing and infection control protocols:


  • Maintain 6ft physical distancing at all times

  • Wear a face covering

  • No group gatherings allowed, except for faith-based services and in-person protests

  • Bring your own equipment to court facilities

Prior to reopening, businesses must prepare, implement, and post the required Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Reopening Protocol, applicable to the business type or location.

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Reopening Protocols/Signs

Social Distancing and Face Covering Sign

This sign can be placed in a prominent location to ensure that social distancing and face covering requirements are being adhered to.
English|  հայերեն  |  Español


Handwashing Sign
English  |  Armenian  |  Spanish  |  Tagalog  Korean


Protocol for Social Distancing
English | Armenian | Spanish


Bars Winery and Brewery Rooms
Bars are closed in Los Angeles County


Beaches (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Bike Parks (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Campgrounds and RV Parks (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Car Dealerships (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Car Washes (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Commercial Buildings (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Community Gardens (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Day Camps (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Drive-In Movie Theaters (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Equestrian Centers (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Golf Courses (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Gym and Fitness Establishments (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Hair Salons and Barbershops Protocol (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Hotels, Lodging and Short Term Rentals (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


K-12 Schools (NEW)
English (translations pending)
Exposure Management Plan


Libraries Opening for Curbside Pickup (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Model Airplane Area (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Museums, Galleries, Zoos and Aquariums (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Music, Television and Film Production (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Office-Based Worksites (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Outdoor Equipment Rental (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Outdoor Shooting Facilities (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)

Personal Care Establishments (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Places of Worship (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Pro-sport Leagues, Facilities, Training (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Public Demonstrations
English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese


Public Splash Pads (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)


Public Swimming Pools (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)


Residential Swimming Pools (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending) |


Retail Establishments (Updated 07/18/20)
English(translations pending)


Restaurants (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)


Shopping Center Operators (Updated 07/17/20)
English (translations pending)


Small Water Vessel Charters (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)


Support Groups (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)


Tennis Pickleball Courts (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)

Trails (Updated 07/18/20)


Vehicle Based Parade
English (translations pending) | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese


Warehousing, Manufacturing, Logistics Protocol (Updated 07/18/20)
English (translations pending)

Health Office Orders
Reopening Safer at Work and in the Community Revised Order (06.11.20)
- APPENDIX A: Social Distancing Protocol (05.13.20) (translations pending) 

- APPENDIX B: Retail Businesses Opening for In Person Shopping Protocol (05.26.20) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese
- APPENDIX C: Warehousing, Manufacturing, Logistics Protocol (05.13.20) (translation pending) 

- APPENDIX D: Office-Based Worksites Protocol (05.26.20) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese 
- APPENDIX E: Shopping Center Operators Protocol (05.26.20) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese 
- APPENDIX F: Places of Worship Protocol (05.26.20)  

EnglishSpanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese 
- APPENDIX G: Vehicle Based Parades or Drive Thru Events Protocol (05.26.20) (translation pending) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese 
- APPENDIX H: Hair Salons and Barbershops Protocol (05.26.20) (translation pending) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Russian 
- APPENDIX I: Restaurants Protocol (05.26.20) 

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | Korean | Armenian | Tagalog | Arabic | Farsi | Cambodian | Russian | Japanese | Vietnamese 
- APPENDIX J: Music, Television and Film Production Protocol (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX K: Day Camps Protocol (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX L: Gym and Fitness Establishments (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX M: Museums, Galleries, Zoos and Aquariums (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX N: Pro-sport Leagues, Facilities, Training Protocol (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX O: Campgrounds and RV Parks (translations pending) English 
- APPENDIX P: Hotels, Lodging and Short Term Rentals Protocol (translations pending) English 
Health Officer Order for Licensed Congregate Health Care Facilities
Frequently Asked Questions
Home Isolation Health Officer Order (Revised 05.01.20)
Home Quarantine Health Officer Order (Revised 05.01.20)


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